Photography course at The Brain Charity

Our latest 15 week photography course has just finished and has been a great success for everyone involved, leading to an award of a Level One qualification in photography for those taking part.

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A calm scene

The Brain Charity’s counselling team can provide help to clients through talking therapy for issues like anxiety, low mood, stress, behaviour, relationship problems and general wellbeing. Following an initial telephone interview with Aspasia Ftenou, our Counselling Co-Ordinator, individuals will be allocated to a counsellor best suited to their needs.

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European Neuro Convention Logo

The NHS long term plan has been long awaited since the NHS had its 70th birthday last year. The decade long plan lays out the expected saving potential of the NHS up to its 80th birthday, specifying the wealth of funding that will be making its way to the NHS and also where the focuses will be for the distribution of this funding.

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